Gifted and Talented Program

Gifted and Talented Education {GATE}

What do you mean by 'gifted and talented'?

Students who possess talents and abilities that can be demonstrated through testing or obvious potential.

~ Characteristics of Gifted and Talented Learners

  • Intellectual abilities and academic skills; enjoys learning, great memory, unique ability to remain focus, high level of language development, advanced comprehension, skilled problem solvers, and much more!
  • Social and emotional needs; high developed emotional depth, sense of humor, sense of justice.
  • Behavior patterns; class leaders, some have ADHD behavior patterns, and downplaying intelligence.
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~ Labeled as Gifted and Talented Under Two Factors; Testing & Potential

~ Services

  • Least Restrictive Environment; FULL INCLUSION in which GATE students are in a general education classroom all day
  • Special Schools; in which instruction focusses on a certain theme such as science or a performing art (ex. magnet schools)

~ Accommodations

  • Curriculum compacting; instructor assesses student's achievement and eliminates learning material that is already met by the student.
  • Acceleration; early entrance, subject advancement (ex. AP classes), skipping a grade level.
  • Enrichment; competitions, problem-solving programs, in-depth study, project-based learning
  • Differentiation; tiered assignments
  • Grouping; homogenous groups, cluster grouping, magnet schools
  • Specialized interventions; integrating technology in the classroom as a resource tool or assessing tool.