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Friday, March 9, 2018

Report Cards

Your child is bringing home his/her second 4th grade report card. All the forms inside the envelope are yours to keep. Please sign the front of the envelope and return it to school on Monday.

Jump Rope for Heart

All the information for this important event can found in the flyer in your child's Friday Folder. Our class will be jumping next week!


Mrs. Close's Class ~ The end of Module 5 is in sight! This week the kids worked on comparing fractions. They have a whole "tool bag" of strategies to solve these comparisons. These methods include converting to like numerators or denominators, changing a mixed number to an improper fraction or changing an improper fraction to a mixed number, and thinking about benchmark fractions. This is a really important part of the unit as the students need to choose the best strategy to solve. It's uncomfortable for some kids because they would rather I told them what path to take. My hope is to end the unit at the end of the upcoming week and then assess early in the week of March 19th. I'll keep you posted!

Mr. Hart's Class ~ We have started to explore fractions. Module 5 is about 40 lessons long and will take us into late April. So far we have looked at drawing fractions and decomposing fractions into mathematical sentences using unit fractions. The children also have learned how to decompose fractions and write multiplication sentence using unit fractions. This week we have been working on finding equivalent fractions using multiplication and division. As we get closer to the state test we will complete some practice test questions and discuss strategies for your child to be successful.


NYS TEST ~ The 4th Grade NYS ELA will be administered on April 11th & 12th....yes that's 2 school days after we return from Spring Break! We have been preparing for this assessment since the first day of school. There won't be a task that is unfamiliar. On the first day the kids will have four texts and a total of 24 multiple choice questions to answer. On the second day, the kids will be required to answer six short response questions (just like the CEE questions) and write one essay (similar to a PAWS structure). A little more prepping to come over the next three weeks. I think the kids need to look at this test as an opportunity to show off their great skills!

Picture Book Friday ~ We have really fallen off our schedule. On Monday, we'll select a girl to read on Friday the 16th.

Colonial America ~ During the upcoming week we'll finish our Colonial America work and begin the road to the American Revolution.

PAWS #12 ~ Next week's PAWS will be tied to Colonial America!


We're still working through our magnetism and electricity unit. This week the kids looked at the difference between a series and parallel circuit. Next week we'll wrap up the unit with electromagnets.
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Music Reminders

Kids will need to bring their instruments on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday of the upcoming week. Chorus will meet on Thursday.

Change Those Clocks!

Don't forget to spring ahead! It's also a great time to change batteries in smoke detectors and those digital thermostats.