Ancient India Geography

Grace Minor

Where Ancient India Is Located

Ancient India is located in Southern Asia. Ancient India is near the Mediterranean Sea it is also located near Asia and China. Ancient India is also located near the Himalayan Mountains.

Why They Settled There

The Indians settled there because they had the desert to protect them from intruders. The Desert would protect the Indians because the people who were coming to invade would not because of the desert being so hot. The Indians had the Nile river to use to get places and the Nile river as a natural resource.

What Geographical Features Are Still Present

The geographical features that are still present are the Ganges River which is a river that runs through the Ganges plains. Another is the Nile River which is the longest river in the world. The Mediterranean sea is another geographical feature and is located near the border of India. The Himalayan mountains and they are near the Ganges river.

How Did Humans Impact The Land

The Indians impacted the land because the Indians started to use the cotton and the silk to make clothing the Indians had wool clothing the Indians had the cotton fabrics and the Indians had used horses and elephants that the Indians had used and the Indians used them for their fur or skin. Indians impacted the land because the Indians found places that had the diamonds and pearls.

What Natural Resources Are Still Present

The natural resources that are still present include the Ganges river which was used for transportation, food and washing the clothing. Another natural resource is the Nile river and it was the big one used because when it would flood the Nile left behind fertile soil and it helped with farming it was also used for transportation.