Historical Figures

Important People in American History


Vocabulary for Paul Revere

Use a dictionary to find the definition for the 3 vocabulary words. Write your definition on a sheet of paper.

1. Colonists

2. Independence

3. Liberty

The colonists wanted to gain independence from England. They wanted their liberty!


Write a paragraph describing how the action's of Paul Revere helped America gain independence from England. Use complete sentences!

Map of Paul Revere's Ride

Below is a map of Paul Revere's famous ride. After he saw the signal in the church tower, he rode on his horse to warn the Colonists that the British were coming to attack. This was the beginning of the Revolutionary War.

Use the map key to trace his path with your finger.

Below the map is a link to a video about Paul Revere's midnight ride.

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From Slave to Leader

Frederick Douglass was born a slave in Maryland, but later he escaped and became an abolitionist.

An abolitionist is someone who is against slavery!

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Click the link below to play the quiz over Frederick Douglass

Your Turn to Write

In your social studies journal, write a paragraph about why Frederick Douglass and other abolitionist were important in America.