softball is my passion

passion project 2016

advantages of softball

softball has to do a lot with endurance because you are hustling from base to base and on and off the field so your basically getting your conditioning in for another sport like track or soccer.softball also helps you stay fit and active. there has to be at least ten people or more on one team typically most teams have any wear from eleven to sixteen people on a team so you will most likely be on the field for most innings.

base ball compared to softball

baseball is played on a larger field with a smaller ball where as softball has a smaller field and a larger ball.
alot of questions asked in softball are "isnt baseball the same as softball", the answer is no but they are very alike in many ways the positions are all the same but sometimes played differently.

my softball buddies

karyss is one of my best friends and we come to each other a lot for questions about softball. karyss and i are in the same age group for softball this year and we will be playing at least two games against her team. my teams name is the freeze and we are red black and white. my coaches name is tad schikle he has been my coach for 3 years and i have played for 5 years so he is a big part of my life and he is like family to me.