by Dr. Dillon Harris

Horse-meat in History

-Humans have been eating horse-meat since the end of the last ice age

-In 732, Pope Gregory III banned the practice of eating horse-meat

-French, Italian, Swiss, Japanese, and Quebec cultures have developed dishes with horse-meat in them

Nutrition of horse-meat

-Contains half the fat of beef

-Twice the proteins of beef

-Does not spoil as fast as beef

-Cures over 40 diseases

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Full Horse Course

In Korea, A restaurant offers a variety of Horse Meat dishes. Horse meat is served to a king as a prime delicacy.

A dish called Yukhou is slices of raw horse meat in sesame oil and topped with sliced pear. Described as "heavenly."

Another dish features nothing but thin slices of raw horse meat. Said to taste like Smoked Ham and called "slabs of goodness."

In Kazakhstan

-Best food source according to Kazakhstan population

-Fat from a Horses main is used to cure diseases

-Horse Meat does not leave one with a stomach ache

-They drink the horse milk