Infrared Radiation

By: Brianna Cook

wavelength range is from 2,500 to 16,000 nm (nano-meters)

frequency range is 1.9*10^13 to 1.2*10^14 Hz

uses of infrared radiation

1) to change the channel with a remote

2) to warm back up

3) to toast bread

4) to take thermal images which in turn can be used for a job or because it looks cool

What is Infrared Light? 804-305-1975

New infrared technology

FLIR one

the FLIR one is an iPhone 5 case that allows you to see in infrared through the screen. FLIR is its own company. it was released in mid August.

Instruments involved

two side by side cameras for the infrared ability and to make the image more clear

it has its own battery and indicator light


it allows you to see leaking pipes, to see wild life before it sees you, to cheet in hide and seek, you can use it to check a persond tempiture and to make sure a fire is all of the way out
Thermal Imaging for you iPhone! FLIR ONE iPhone 5S Demo at CES 2014

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