Gemini project

By Mahir Yusuf

The begining

The Gemini missions was to get ready and prepare for THE APOLLO space landing missions. To test the space suites and look at earths orbit. The reason why they named it Gemini is because the space ship can only cary two pepole and in latin Gemini means the twins.
Projects Mercury, Gemini & Apollo Overview - NASA Educational Documentary

Why They did it

They did it becouse The sovet union aredy whent to space and They wanted to cach up. and when they did they had to do grater things..

The ending

NASA had to test the space suits and make shure it could last two weeks in space. To see how The space ships handle space and see how The handle all the landings and even some crash landing.

NEW mission

now that they have cought up with the sulviet union The had to move on to grateer things landing man on the moon. They called it The apollo missions.
Project Gemini - Missions 3-12 - Part 1