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Explanation About PT878 Portable Liquid Flowmeter

Need to accurately measure flow of the liquid with any purity over any pipe of a typical type, any size? Seeking a device that may be fixedquickly and easily, measured error-free after which removed… all with no additional technical help? Opt to rent your flow measurement equipment in place of buying one fully?

Each one of these questions have a very single, simple answer: go with the master; GE’s PT878 ultrasonic flow meter will probably be your best option!

This clamp-on device can measure a large range of flows, from pure liquids to dirty liquids with solid particles or gas bubbles. You possibly can remedy it inside of minutes in any metal pipe, with diameters starting from small (½ inch, 12.7 mm) to huge (300 inch, 7.6 mm). It might accurately operate in most plastic pipes too.

Once PT878 is clamped in the pipe, you have to just give the site parameters and adjust the spacing. It starts working automatically. No need to cut the pipe as PT878 uses ultrasonic technology to measure and store liquid flow information in a very huge scale, nearly 100,000 data points!

After completing the measurements, you can get the flow statistics in PT878’s large, backlit LCD display itself. Alternatively, you may also transfer most of the measured data points to a computer (using infrared technology) and analyze it for identifying flow trend along with deep insights.

Uniqueness of PT878 is its patented “Correlation Transit-Time” digital signal processing (DSP) technology. This lowers the noise and improves accuracy, even if the liquid carries a high amount of impurities.

When compared to any flow meter on the market today, PT878 works in all conditions, measuring all liquids with its accuracy numbers are quite high. For pipes with diameter 6 inch or higher, you can aquire the end results in plus or minus 1% to 2% accuracy. For smaller pipes, you could get the final results in plus or minus 2% to 5% accuracy.

Best part, you can get pretty much everything with a neat, little package. The PT878 device is lightweight, found in multiple languages and can be utilised by a person with hardly any training.

If you are concerned about the power consumption, once again, you are in safe hands. PT878 incorporates a rechargeable battery that provides you around 11 hours of uninterrupted flow measurement. What this means is, you may get rid of it in a element of your workshop or factory or outdoor area, without worrying regarding a continuous power supply nearby!

In combination with these standard features, PT878 features a collection of optional features on top of that. For instance: Thickness gauge and energy measurement!

Whether your flow measurement requirement is one time or will continue throughout the year, PT878 rental is a good option available in the market today. You can buy it or select a rent package which will come in weekly and monthly modes!