The Green Revolution

By: Alan Wang

What is The Green Revolution?

The Green Revolution, somtimes called the third agricultural revolution, was initiated by Dr. Norman Borlaug. Dr. Borlaug was a scientists who believed in the fight against world hunger. He worked to genetically engineer crops in order to make them better in every way possible. Along with his research team, he was finally able to create a compound that would make the crops more resistant to bugs, diseases, and malnutrition. He is considered one of the most successful innovators in agriculture history.

What are the Benefits of the Green Revoution?

  • Helped stop starvation around the world
  • Could genetically alter crops to your own will
  • Increased many countries' GDP by increasing jobs
  • Increased production of crops, resulted in surplus of crops to export around the world which helped the economy
  • Capable of growing crops on a large scale
  • Can replant same crop without having to leave land fallow
  • Increase in areas of possible large scale agriculture

The main benefit of The Green Revolution was that fact that it helped to reduce the amount of world hunger. The Green Revolution was able to save millions of people and made crops more resistant to both insects and disease. Farms could now produce crops on a very large scale in every country. This increase in food and demand for agricultural equipment sparked the growth of many country's industries. Thanks to The Green Revolution, the living qualities of millions of people improved tremendously.

Where did The Green Revolution Effect the Most?

The Green Recolution effected practically everyone everywhere around the world. Some main places were Africa, Brazil, Vietnam, and India. The country that benefitted the most was India by far. Before The Green Revolution, India had thousands of people that starved to death. After The Green Revolution, many lives in India were saved by farmers who could now produce more food in less time. India's economy was also boosted due to the increase in demand for pesticides created by Dr. Norman Borlaug and his science team.