Mary G. Porter

Why porter is a school of excellence

Porter traditional school is an amazing school, it offers advanced studies to any students interested. There are many benefits to attending this school, in 7th grade math you will be taking an 8th grade course, and in 8th grade you will be taking a high school course. Our school has won school of excellence 8 years in a row for our consistant amazing test scores. At porter you will have many academic advanrages which can help you on the long run.


At porter we have many star qualitities to keep each student on track. These star qualities include courtousey, compassion, responsibility,respect,honesty, perserverance, cooperation, patience, courage, and the best one, a sense of humor! following our star qualitites, every morning, we say the pledge of allegance, followed by the porter creed. Every day at school, we take time out of our day for stars and stripes, in other words silently reading for us. Another tradition done at porter is our uniforms. We use this tradition so that everyone at our school knows that they are equal. Our last, and maybe most important is the "give me five" this is used when a class is too quiet and a teacher needs to calm them down
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Application process

Our school has introduced a raffle and waiting list system for any applicants applying to our school. after each form is filled out and signed, each student is required to complete a short essay on a random topic provided by the principal. This allows a fair chan e for every student to be accepted into our school. We have recived 748 applicats last year, and hoping to have more in the comming years!!!

School summary


Porter School
15311 Forest Grove Drive
Woodbridge, VA 22191

Phone: 703.580.6501

Principal: Darci Whitehead
Assistant Principal: Kaitlyn Douglass

Number of Students: 628

Grade Levels: 1st - 8th

School Colors: Red, White and Blue

clubs and programs

Our school has a variety of clubs and programs including

Aviation- Students interact with advanced technology to simulate a real life flying expiranace

MSA- Muslim student association

Geek squad- Encourages all students to work with advanced computers and learn how to fix them