Smoking isn't good for anyone.

Writing by: Jackson Moberly

Secondhand smoking isn't good for you.

Secondhand smoke has about 250 known chemicals in it that are toxic. 50-67% of children that are under 5 live in homes with an adult smoker. 40% of kids alive today are exposed to the secondhand smoking problem. Secondhand smoking can effect kids by making them wheeze and cough. It can also cause SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). It is also the cause of ear infections, asthma attacks, slow lung growth, and the older kids get bronchitis and pneumonia more than younger kids.

What kinds of cancer can you get from smoking?

Kinds of cancers you can get from smoking.

You can get mouth, throat, lung, and stomach cancer. So then you can't eat. You can also get voice box cancer. Then you can't speak or make noises. You can also get cancer in the kidney. Then you can't go to the bathroom.

What are the deadly effects of smoking on teenagers?

Deadly effects of smoking on teenagers.

The deadly effects of smoking on teenagers are very deadly. The nicotine in cigars are poisonous to them. The tobacco in cigars strain the heart. They are more susceptible to the effects of nicotine. Teenagers are more likely to become addicted than the adults.
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