3 Visuals in Life

By: Nate Huntley


Financial Problems is a huge part of life. Say you just had another child as one is going off to college, this can cause a lot of problems. You not only have to pay for the child's tuition but now you have a new family member that you have to take care of and you have to save back up for the new child's tuition so you can give him a good future. Even unexpected problems with children, like sports and injuries, which cost a lot.

Death in the Family

What would you do if one of your family members had a sudden death. How would that make you feel? Having a death in the family is never good and always seems to bring a sad period of time over the family. You have to accept the loss of this family member then you have to readjust your life. This also create's a financial burden on the family.

Separation or Divorce

What would you do if your parents decided to get a divorce? What if they already have? How would you handle it? Most children when their parents get divorced seem to put the blame on themselves. But that is not true, families get divorced because the two have no connection or feelings for each other anymore. It can be hard on the child because they may have to go live somewhere during the school year and then the other parents house in the summer. It is also expensive and time consuming.