An Amazing Inventor

Marvin Stone


Marvin Stone created something great and you'd never believe. Read to find out what wonderful thing he created.

Early Childhood-Adulthood

Marvin was born in 1842 in Portage County, Ohio. Marvin C. Stone was his father. It was unknown if he was married. It was unknown if he had kids. He has already died, he died on May 17th 1899 because of illness. He was 57 years old.

Making Drinking Straws

Marvin Stone was known for making drinking straws. So at restaurants in case if they did not wash the glass good. Then you could sip out of a straw.

How he made it... He wrapped paper around a pencil, then taped it.

Why he was important

Marvin Stone is important. Because at restaurants in case if the did not wash the glasses good. You could drink out of a drinking straw.


I learned that you can invent if you put your mind to it. Now I've learned about the drinking straw. And how it came to be, now it is not a mystery anymore.

Fun Fact

Marvin made paper cigarette holders.