The Paladin Prophecy

By: Mark Frost

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Book Summary

Will West is an extraordinary kid. He has special abilities that most people don't have. His parents, Jordan and Belinda West, having him living by special rules. These rules keep him from trying his best in class, going full out in sports, and making friends. These rules may seem harsh, but they keep Will from attracting the wrong attention. Until...Will accidentally scores a perfect 100% on one of the state mandated exam. Did I mention it was his first time he took the test and he wasn't even trying. Will draws both good and bad attention. Will drew attention from an exclusive expensive school, that you can only go to by invite (which Will accepts). Will also drew attention from men in black hats and unmarked SUV's, who only wanted to cause him harm. While Will is on the run for his life, he meets his guardian angel Dave. Dave was sent to protect Will from the evil that lurks. While at the center Will makes many friends. Ajay, Nick, Elise, and Brooke. He also makes some enemies who will stop at nothing to ruin his life.

Will Will West be able to pull through before its to late?


“This book is intoxicating and adventurous”—Booklist

“This book is an amazing example of well written fiction”—Dark Faerie Tales

“This book will keep you on your toes…”—Donte M. McNeal