The history of Korea and Vietnam

By: Conner Moniri

Foreign Control (before and after WW11)

In Vietnam, before World War 2, Japan controlled Vietnam. Then, it became a French colony. After that, Japan took over during World War 2, and after World War 2, France controlled them again. The Japanese controlled Korea from1910-1945. This is the year World War 2 ended. After World War 2 Korea was split between North and South Korea. North Korea was under the control of the soviet union, and later got help from china in the Korean war. South Korea was backed up by the U.S. and the U.N. To this day, there is a communist North Korea, and a democratic South Korea.

Influence of Communism

The U.S. were currently in the cold war with the Soviet Union. This was a war with communism, so when the Soviet Union attempted to spread communism in Vietnam, we tried to stop them. The domino theory was the thought that if one country fell into communism, other countries around them would also fall into communism. The containment policy was the reason we got into the war. The containment policy was the act of trying to stop the domino theory from happening. We would try to stop communism from spreading. The U.S. would go at great lengths to keep other countries from becoming communism, which is why they went to war in Vietnam. After World War 2, Korea was split between the soviet union and the U.S. With the soviet union being communist, they tried to spread communism into south Korea. This caused us to go war with North Korea and the Soviet Union.

Results of the wars

The U.S. had around 60,000 deaths in the Vietnam war. There were an estimated 444,000 deaths for North Vietnam in the Vietnam war. There were an estimated 280,000 deaths for south Vietnams side. There were around 630,000 civilian deaths from both countries. It is estimated that there were 1,350,000 deaths in total during the Vietnam war. The Vietnam war is the only war that we have ever "lost". It is publicly thought and the media spread that we lost the war, and we may have had less deaths, but North Vietnam took over all of Vietnam, because of a broken agreement. In the Korean war, the U.S. had about 35,000 deaths and 100,000 casualties. South Korea has around 215,000 military deaths, and 1,000,000 civilian deaths. North Korea had around 400,000 military deaths and 600,000 civilian deaths. China had 600,000 military deaths. The Korean war is still technically going on, because there was never a peace treaty, only a cease fire. But in the end, the U.S. and South Korea could end up being seen as the victors. They had less deaths and gained land in the end, but South and North Korea are still divided to this day.