Girl Code

Kaitlen A.

about me

I am writing this magazine to tell all you girls around the world about boys. But first of all I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. First of all when I was about 6 I was in beauty pageants and I beat everyone even a 16 year old girl. so what I got for winning I got a bike and some pretty a big trophy but now I am 14 years old and in 8th grade and I am loving it here in California!!!!!!!!

all about boys

The thing about boys is you have to pretend to know what their talking about. even when you don't. oh and what I have learn from my friends is that don't ask the boy out the boy has to ask you out.

heart brakes

if a boy brakes up with you don't worry things will get better and there is plenty of guy in you town, city, state. or as they say in my town there is plenty of fish in the sea, and if you are real up set. than try watching a funny movie and eat some ice cream, you should star feeling better in no time.