The orangutan has an unusual look that is very fascinating. This animal is a species called a ape. They have round bodies and short legs and big round arms. The male's arm span can reach up to eight feet. The orangutan can weigh up to 100 to 300 pounds.Baby orangutans can weigh up to 4.5 pounds.They also have shaggy fur.

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Feeding habits

The orangutan has many different diets. This animal eats many different fruits and other foods such as the durian this is their favorite fruit. If they can’t find food then they will eat a small animal called the slow loris. This animal even eats bark and plant shoots or honey if necessary. Some of them can even catch a fish with a sharp stick.
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This animal live in the tropical rain forest, the swamp forest, and the tropical mountain forest. They can be located in Borneo and Sumatra which is part of Indonesia in Southeast Asia . It spends most of it’s time in the treetops in the rain forest but only comes down to eat.

Friends & Enemies

The orangutan has many different friends and enemies That live in the rainforest. Its predators are the leopard, and the python, and the tiger. Tigers can kill the orangutan at night when it’s sleeping. Young orangutans are most likely to be eaten. It’s worst enemy is the human because of the poachers. Now this species is in danger of becoming extinct.


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