May 10, 2018

From the Desk of Mr. Roote

As I prepared for this edition of The Reds Tale I grew a bit nostalgic and began thinking about the incredible educators in my life. I have fond memories of Mr. Woiczejowkiski's sense of humor. He would start every fourth grade class with, "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." In high school, I remember looking up to my math teacher and soccer coach Mr. Hagadorn. Equally well thought of was his wife who was my French teacher. Collectively, the two of them came into my life at a point that pleasing my teachers was as important as pleasing my parents. Later on, in college, my ornithology professor Mr. Broyles was the young/cool professor who connected well with all his students. After college and at the start of my teaching career I came to know a social studies teacher named Mr. Dumas. He was the "jump on the table" guy that had a crazy story for everything. We all shuddered when he spoke of "scalping" and its roots in the violent settlement of America.

Fast forward to March, 2013 where educators in Newark would begin to have an extraordinary impact on me. I recognize that many of our teachers are leaving here to manage their families and then when the house is quiet (sometimes after 10:00 pm) they begin the task of grading papers and checking messages. Our teachers "tend to their flock" at Newark High School by providing food and clothing and school supplies. If someone needs a size 13 shoe for the prom they get it! I could go on an on highlighting the talent of our NHS educators. Instead, I will let your words do the talking:

  • Mr. Palumbo: I've always had a love for history classes, and thanks to the diversity of personalities of Newark teachers, I've learned to love and appreciate every teacher: Mr. Palumbo is no exception. Throughout my Junior year, I've admired him both in personality and in the way he taught. I can easily tie in topics together with the way he teaches, and I have fun in the process. He's observant, playful, and generally very supportive (he's allowed me to get into character as, for example, Alexander Hamilton, and I love that). I'm grateful for his patience regardless of the troubles that go on in class, and he makes me smile. History class feels like the longest class of the day, but he makes it worth it.
  • Mr .Holland he is very fun giving me many laughs over the time I knew him.
  • Mr. Holland always helps me get through things. I appreciate that he is someone that I can go to with problems.
  • Mrs. Fladd is always working hard to help me learn and be successful in school. She is the best!!!
  • Ms. Dentel is always working to get her students to their best creative-self using kind words and encouragement.
  • Caty Hugunine paid for the prom ticket of a student who otherwise would have been unable to attend.
  • Sonya Mateo always puts a smile on your face.
  • Mr. Johnson rocks!
  • Mr. Colarocco spends a lot of time making sure that the conditions are perfect for me to learn. Often, I join his classroom a bit upset and he works with me so that I can be productive.
  • Ms. Rogers-Fowler loves NPR and so do I!
  • Karen Cline goes above and beyond without being asked.
  • As a student I completely trust Mrs. McBride, she is the person I would go to if I ever needed any advice or need to just talk things out. She completely understands and helps to try and solve whatever I'm going through.
  • Mrs. McBride is an amazing teacher who is always there for me to vent to!
  • Mr. Celent has been unlike any other teacher I've ever had, but in a good way. He has witty jokes that I've grown to deeply enjoy and an ability to continue with these jokes for the entire school year. Taking an AP class is difficult, but Mr. Celent never ceases to fail in making it enjoyable. He is one of the most interesting teachers to listen to, and he does far more than just lecture.
  • Mrs. Sutton‐Spike is far more than a teacher. She is thoughtful, understanding, generous, and much more than just hose 3 attributes. Going to her class doesn't feel like class, it feels like coming to a second home. She's always inclusive of students who would normally shy away and stick to themselves. She brings children out of their shells and helps them to grow into respectful and responsible young adults with skills they never would've had before.
  • Ms. Favreau is so important to me, teaching me many of the skills I need to have to be successful in life.
  • Ms. Lapaglia is very helpful and a cool person. She brightens up everyone's day all the time. She always is willing to help out.
  • Mrs. McBride, yes she is my grandmother, but she goes so underrated at this high school. Students don't understand the hard work she has done with this district, from working in the testing center to working in the learning center. She deserves to win this, because she deals with a lot during the school day and she still makes sure that students are okay and working so they can be successful in life.
  • Mrs. Cline is very supportive and honest and hard working.
  • Mr. Fladd you are very smart and I really enjoy your class its, the only one I really enjoy near the end of the day.
  • Ms. Fladd seems to have a knack for working with freshman like me. I love how she decorates!
  • Mr. Roman is always making corny jokes, tries to make lessons relateable, and he isn't afraid to share his opinion. He deserves a little recognition.
  • I appreciate Mrs. Dentel's encouraging attitude towards her students and the patience she has if her kids need more time on projects etc.
  • Karen Cline because mamma cline is da bomb dot com.
  • Amy Lannon is the best teacher in the world, she makes us get our work done and teaches us great things about English. I've learned so much from her and she has great taste in music. Keep rocking Mrs. Lannon.
  • Mrs. McBride: The best human being this school has to offer, she is such a kind hearted person who puts others over herself.
  • Mr. Palumbo: He is super patient with everybody and honestly is a very good teacher.
  • Mrs. McBride: She may not be a teacher, but she makes sure students are getting ahead of their work and is always there to help.
  • I was so close with Mrs. Austin that my friends and I called her mom.
  • Mr. Dalton: For starters, Mr. Dalton is the first English teacher that I've had that's been so curious about me-and that's not a bad thing. I've been able to show him works outside of English assignments. He's sincere in the sense that he's encouraging; he's noticed the way that I write, and he's impressed. He's also entertaining with how he's so expressive in class, and even outside of it when he softly makes jokes.
  • Mr. Eakins is pretty much perfect!
  • Mr. Bean: Thank you for always holding us athletes to a higher standard, and making sure we always do the right thing.
  • Mrs. Sutton Spike: Having her for two classes (Accounting and MSOE), Mrs. Sutton‐Spike is a ball of sunshine. She's caring, outgoing, and more than patient. She's determined in the way that she wants every student to be successful, and saves a little time to tell stories and a joke at the side.
  • Mrs. Garrett is always loving and caring no matter what
  • Ms. Specht: Thank you for helping me get into college.
  • Mr. Bean helps me with my swearing problem. He is a great coach.
  • Mrs. Sutton Spike: You're very outgoing and passionate about every student and you're job. You find a way to connect and make sure no students are left out. You are insightful, optimistic, and open‐minded. You're unlike every other teacher I've had (in a very good way) and inspire me so much.
  • The crew that manages the library seem so dedicated and hard working. I love how they handle the space as it is more welcoming than ever, I used to dread going there only to be shushed! Thanks Ms. Miller, Ms. Brown, Ms. Clark, Ms. Tullock and Mr. Holland.
  • Mr. Feeney helped me make my decision for college. Always helpful.
  • Mrs. Ross: Thank you for always bringing me back to class during our break in physics.
  • Mr. Bouchey: You made a lot of jokes with me and Noah and it just made my middle school career so much happier
  • Ms. Lapaglia: She's helped me pull through Chemistry with her bubbly and bouncy personality, even when I have mornings that I just don't feel my best. At the beginning of the year, I asked nothing of her but to be herself, and she's been doing just that. It's nice to start the day with a cheerful teacher, regardless of whether I'm tired or not
  • Ms. Yuhas is cheerful, supportive and encouraging.
  • Mr. Harrington helps me with my work. Helps me focus in class, he is very funny and entertaining.
  • Lindsey Engels Mrs. Engels has always been somone i could rely on. She's a great teacher and person as a whole i truly appreciate everything she's done for me.
  • Mr. DeYoung: This is my first year having Mr. DeYoung, yet he has impacted my senior year. Many believe this year should be easy, but Mr. DeYoung educated us on the REAL would. People argue that politics are a "sticky situation" but it is important to know the roles in our world. He takes pride in educating the people of the future.
  • Our three new counselors are amazing. They are easy to connect with and some days they even look like high school kids!
  • Mrs. Verbridge: Shes beyond kind, shes always helpful she goes out her way to help students. Very easygoing and she makes sure to say good morning to every student.
  • Mrs. Brewer is very energetic and always has an amazing story to tell about one of the trips she went on.
  • Ms. Gardner makes sure that I never go hungry on the weekends. I love her!
  • Emily Howard pushes every actor to their fullest potential. So good at her job. Down to business when needed.
  • I never had Mr. K. as a teacher, but I did for tutoring for Algebra 2. Mr. K motivated me although I had no confidence after failing two times. To this day he inspires me to believe in myself and work hard.
  • Mr. Fladd is very intelligent, he is very flexible when it comes to class work etc. and is very helpful in class and also very encouraging he makes you want to do good. He doesn't want you to fail so he pushes you to do your best
  • Mrs. Reed Mrs. Reed is very helpful to her students.
  • Mrs. Austin is fun, friendly, funny, humorous and outgoing.
  • Mr. Bean is always greeting people.
  • Mr. Holland is trustworthy and understanding.
  • Mr. Fenney is a very caring and supporting character. That has helped me significantly with my emotional stress.
  • Ms. Kessler: She is very supportive and helpful. She is humorous, outgoing and a kind personality. She always makes my day better no matter what.
  • Ms. LaPaglia is a beaming personality that lights up a room. She pushes students with positivity and encouragement to do their best. Even a year after having her as a teacher, she still checks up on me.
  • Mrs. Miller is very supportive of Masterminds. She also keeps a optimistic outlook about Masterminds even when we don't win.
  • Mrs. Sutton Spike is very witty and upbeat. She always knows how to lift the mood and make thing more fun and exciting during class.
  • Ms. Ohlson is a very positive person shes very supportive, patient and open minded I'm very glad I could experience having her for a teacher my last year
  • Mrs. Flock sees potential in every student, has helped me improve immensely. Such a fun teacher.
  • Mr. Fladd embodies what Newark High School is. Everyday he takes the time to stand outside his room to greet all the students. Mr. Fladd is a reason a want to come to school, he inspires me to make others happy.
  • Mrs. Dentel is very artistic and has a loving attitude towards her students, She's very honest if she feels that you are not reaching your full potential. She is also very generous with her time and encouraging.
  • Mr. Roman is a good global teacher. He cares about every students well being and how to make us better learners in our school.
  • Mrs. Dentel is a very loving teacher. She is also very artistic and trustworthy. I didn't know her very well and we built up a relationship throughout the year.
  • Ms. Yuhas is very kind, generous, and enthusiastic. She helps me through my problems and is there for me when i need help.
  • Mrs. Flock is very helpful and makes everyone feel better.
  • Mrs. Sutton‐Spike is by far one of the best teachers in NHS. She is very creative with the ways she teaches and she always knows how to make a class enjoyable. She is very outgoing toward her students and is an all around great teacher!
  • Mr. Fladd was an amazing teacher and helped inspire me to do AP History.
  • Mr. Dalton is outgoing and is humorous.
  • Mrs. Bailey is very cheerful toward everyone, she makes art class very fun and exciting. She also motivates us to get our work done
  • Mrs. Sutton‐Spike is compassionate, patient, and reasonable, she has taught me at my pace, also while keeping me on track with everyone else and making sure I understand everything we learned.
  • Ms. Howard had great energy to all of us, very warm hearted and pushes people to be who they want.
  • Ms. Reed has been of great assistance and encouragement for my daughter in understanding algebra.
  • Mrs. Lannon has a very interesting way of teaching, has helped improved my writing more.
  • Mrs. Dentel is very patient and helpful when it comes to her students.
  • Mrs. Sutton Spike has patience and always has a story to tell.
  • Mrs. Hersh is very insightful and cheerful, she is also optimistic and pushes us to always do better.
  • Ms. Long is very nice and she lets me sit in her room everyday.
  • Mr. Eakins is very open minded and is flexible with work.
  • Mrs. Bailey is always a great role model, pushing everyone to their "greatest".
  • Christine Acquista is always at that front desk ready to help you, kindly. Mostly she keeps our children safe by monitoring who is coming in and out of our school.
  • Jill Rising Stone for being an awesome co‐worker in helping to monitor the halls, and for understanding when I'm pulled away to help with nursing.
  • Ryan Wagner: For his understanding and help in making my daughter's transition back to school, and to be a student much easier then we anticipated.
  • Jen Cruz: For all of her hard work in tutoring my daughter. Not only in helping her to stay up to date with what she is missing in her classes, but as someone my daughter can feel comfortable working with and is flexible when needed due to appointments. She's made my daughter's transition back to school and to be a student much easier.
  • Deb McEwen has shared with me so much of her knowledge and experience. She is a great educator and trusted friend.
  • Ms. Hersch has been encouraging to my daughter and provides assistance for her struggles in algebra so that she can succeed.
  • Ms. Esan has been of great encouragement and assistance to my daughter, she has helped her succeed and guides her in the route she should follow to achieve her goal of being a nurse.
  • Mr. Humphrey has been a source of encouragement and comedy relief from school stress.
  • Mrs. Flock has been of great encouragement for my daughter in her abilities related to music and more specifically singing. She provides a safe and encouraging environment for her students.
  • Ms. Ohlson has been of great comfort and help to my daughter for the past 3 years since she had her as a teacher in 7th grade as well as this year in 9th grade.
  • Ms. Ohlson is always available when needed for assistance or a comforting hug during a hard day.

Mash Up

Donuts in the staff room on Tuesday!

ATTENTION PARENTS: Vaping, juuling, e-cigs and what have you are trending at Newark High School. In the past three months we have made contact with as many students "using" as we had in the last two full years prior. Please get and stay informed on this issue. Here are a couple of resources:

The photo below represents just a couple of the items recovered from our students. The "juice" is particularly worrisome because from a school perspective it is difficult to determine what it actually contains as it can be "spiked" with other substance to enhance its effects.

Big picture

Calendar Share

Tuesday, May 8. National Teacher Day/donuts and bagels in staff room. Contact: T Roote.

Saturday, May 12. Cabaret Night/Jazz Festival at 6:30 pm in the High School Gym.

Monday, May 14 we have an After-school PD Hour.

Saturday, May 19 from 10:00-12:00 pm. Community Pride Day.

The Shred Truck will be coming on Friday, May 25 at 9:30 am.

Sunday, May 27. HS Marching Band Newark Memorial Day parade/recognition.

Monday June 3 at 7:30 pm. High School Band Spring Concert in our auditorium.

Wednesday, June 5 at 7:30 pm in our auditorium. High School Choral Spring Concert.

Wednesday, June 6 from 7:30-10:30 am. Academic Awards Ceremony. Contact: T Roote.

Wednesday, June 6 from 10:30-2:30 pm. Cap and Gown Walk. Contact: T Roote.

Saturday, June 9 at 7:30 am at the Alex Eligh Community Center. Laurel House 5K.

Upcoming Senior events summarized

Monday, June 10 at 6:30 pm. High School Music Awards Banquet.

Social Emotional Learning and the Plan for Excellence

You once had a choice
And you chose to teach
And every day
It's our children you reach

You make the difference
In the life of each child
Those that are quiet
And those that are wild

It's the way that you teach
You do it so well
They look up to you
And think you are swell

You teach from your heart
That's plain to see
They think you're divine
And we all agree

Please never forget
And remember it's true
Our children all need
Great teachers like you

We appreciate you
And we value your time
And if you should forget
Please re-read this rhyme

The Instructional Corner

Have you considered trying something different with your students in class? Are you looking to enhance or utilize a new protocol that you heard that another staff member has been using? Have you wanted to visit another teachers class and “see” what protocols and strategies they are using? Say no more, the Pineapple Chart is here.

This is a way to collaborate with your colleagues, delve more deeply into our understanding of protocol implementation, and bring teachers together. Click the following link to learn more about our Pineapple Chart opportunity.

Dave Roman has signed up for Thursday, May 10th. His classes will be using the Vocabulary Matrix protocol during periods 2, 4, 6/7, and 11. If you are interested in visiting Mr. Roman’s classroom on Wednesday please stop by during a planning period to see the protocol in action. If you do not have that period free but would like to visit Mr. Roman’s classroom, please check with an instructional coach and maybe we can help.

If you are interested in welcoming your colleagues into your classroom while you implement a protocol, please sign up on the Pineapple Chart Calendar located outside the Instructional Coaching office or let Will or Robin know and we can add the information to the chart.

The Newark High School Mission, Vision and Values

The Newark High School Mission: We are a school community with deeply held hometown pride, committed to readying young people to be life-long learners with experiences aimed at continuously motivating us to hone our skills in the complex tasks of teaching and learning. Our community is devoted to providing supports for the aspirations of our adolescents as they mature into adults with ambitious plans for college and careers.

The Newark High School Vision: Staff embody the school values and impart confidence while providing an inviting classroom environment with clear expectations and specific academic and behavioral goals. Students embody the school values through intellectual and emotional perseverance. Families embody the school values while remaining actively involved as advocates for their children and supporters of the school programs and staff.

The Newark High School Values: Safe, Responsible, Trustworthy, and Respectful.