High School 101

Transitioning to the next step...

8th grade STAAR Tests

Tuesday, March 29th, 8am

4601 Cobbs Drive

Waco, TX

Test Schedule:


Tuesday, March 29th: Math

Wednesday, March 30th: Reading


Monday, May 9th: Math (Retest)

Tuesday, May 10th: Reading (Retest)

Wednesday, May 11th: Science

Thursday, May 12th: Social Studies

If 3rd administration is needed:

Tuesday, June 21st: Math

Wednesday, June 22nd: Reading

Summer Institute Dates for each high school have not been set yet. Look for more information on that soon!

Looking ahead to next year...

Course Requests are complete!

Did you see and sign your student's choice sheet? If not, those will be available after the meeting to review and sign!

Understanding HB5 lingo

Let's Chat!

Your student's graduation plan falls under Texas legislature House Bill 5.

Below are resources to help you understand what this means:

HB5 Overview

CTE Cohort Planning



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University High School information

Did you know...?

University High's school day begins at 9:00 AM and ends at 4:30 PM

If your student is a transfer: Applications to attend UHS/AJMA are due April 5th


To contact your student's counselor: http://unihigh.wacoisd.org/cms/One.aspx?pageId=10415

Visit the UHS website here: http://unihigh.wacoisd.org/cms/One.aspx

Phone: (254) 756-1843

Extra-Curricular Activities:

TRYOUTS are on the horizon!


Mandatory parent meeting around the first week of April

Tryouts will be mid-April

Dance (Highlighters):

Mandatory parent meeting will be held mid-April

Tryouts will be the end of April

Dates/Times are tentative right now & will be communicated with each student interested once they're nailed down. Flyers/Announcements will be made!


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Waco High School Information

Did you know...?

Waco High's school day begins at 8:30 AM and ends at 4:00 PM

To contact your student's counselor: http://wacohigh.wacoisd.org/cms/One.aspx?portalId=8273&pageId=8823

Visit the WHS website here:http://wacohigh.wacoisd.org/cms/One.aspx

Phone: (254) 776-1150

Extra-Curricular Activities:

TRYOUTS are on the horizon!


Mandatory Meeting: March 2nd or March 15th

Mandatory Practice: March 21st-23rd

Tryouts: Thursday, March 24th

Dance (Scarlett Line):

Mandatory parent meeting: March 22nd

Tryouts: April 15th (tentatively)

Career Cruising

Access your student's results!

Waco ISD purchased Career Cruising for all 8th graders this year. Your student took a learning style and career inventory to help them ensure their endorsement matches their interest! This program also allows them to search colleges, look up admission requirements, research jobs, and create four year plans!

Want your student's access code? Come see me!

Visit Career Cruising here


There are tons of resources out there to help make this transition a smooth one...

Student planners are very beneficial to help your student maintain organization. There are tons of freebie PDFS online, or you can order planners here: http://www.schoolmate.com/student-planners/

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Find more information here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/waco-isd/id852685155?mt=8

There are lots of features including direct access to your student's grades.

*NOTE* Report cards in high school get mailed home each 6 weeks. Your student will not bring them home with them.

30/30 task manager app!

Estimate your class average using this tool!

Grades 3 App!

Find more information here:https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/grades-3/id427900301?mt=8

This app allows you to directly plug in information to help reach your ideal class average!