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What is a Twitter Chat?

A group of people all sharing the same hashtag determine a time and date to discuss a certain topic. The moderator usually asks the questions and helps keep the conversation flowing. Most chats last about an hour, and for the most part, feel like they fly by!
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Everyone starts somewhere! Lurking on a chat is a great way to follow and learn along without feeling the need to participate. On any given chat, there are plenty of people reading/learning alongside the participants without anyone knowing.

When Lurking you need to know:

-The time and day of the chat

-The Hashtag of the chat


Thankfully there are many options today to help you follow and participate in chats! Here are just a few that you can use to help you manage a chat.




When participating make sure:

-You follow the format of the chat (Q1/A1)

-Always include the hashtag for that session

-Read and comment others!


Before you decided you're going to lead a chat there are a few things you need to consider:

-Know your who and why.

- Date, time, and occurrence of your chat.

- Hashtags matter!

- Promote, promote, promote!

- Create a plan. (click here to see an example)

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Let's Chat!

Once in your twitter account, search our hashtag for today!


Here is a copy of the planning document used today!

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Want more information?

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