Tudor Houses

By Audrey Wolz

Building materials used

They were built using wood and wattle and daub. Wattle is intertwined sticks that are put in a wall in between posts. Daub is a mixture of clay, sand, and dung that is smeared (daubed) into and over the wattle to make the wall.

About the time period

  • They were built in the 1500's, originally in England
  • Became popular in the 1920's and 1930's
  • The "tudor" homes were named after king Henry VIII
  • The fashion in the 1920's included: flapper dresses, long jackets, and long dresses
  • High end homes were usually $80,000 at the time
  • Some famous people were: Henry Ford, and Babe Ruth
  • Something that influenced housing during that time would be that things were starting to get more urban rather than being rural
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