Warren Warrior Activities

by: Lydia Riggs

Musucal Theatre

Musical theatre is unique in a way many electives aren't; it combines singing, acting, and dancing! We learn all three for songs a winter-time showcase and a musical in the spring. Even though we have a lot of fun, we work very hard in order to prepare for professional shows. Even then, the hard work pays off! The class also includes both seventh and eighth grade, so you can become more comfortable around the eighth-graders! You must also buy jazz shoes, and they cost anywhere between $20 to $40. Mrs. Kelley and Mrs. Corcoran try to provide you with the closest and cheapest retailers for these shoes. This is an exciting class where you can sing, dance, act, and work hard!


Girl's and boy's athletics are places to condition, learn sportsmanlike qualities, play your favorite sport, or learn how to play a new one! The UIL sports that girl's athletics participate in consist of volleyball, basketball, cross country, and track. The UIL sports that boy's athletics participate in are football, basketball, cross country, and track.


  • Be prepared for A LOT of running/conditioning.
  • Cheating is not tolerated.
  • Certain sports have early morning practice that starts at 6:00 a.m., so DARK and early!


In order to play volleyball, you must be in athletics. In volleyball, you have practices that start at 6:00 a.m. This is a great way to make friends from outside your elementary school, because tryouts start the first week of school. Once you have made the team, you will learn to communicate on the court, work as a team, and hone your volleyball skills. The previous A and B teams were district champions. They do a lot of conditioning, including the following: running miles, sprints, and doing many burpees. The coaches will hold you to a high standard, but the hard work definitely pays off.


In middle school band, the first challenge is learning to read music. Some of you may already know how, while others are totally ignorant to the concept. They have brass, woodwind, and percussion sections. There are also people from every elementary school that feeds into Warren, so you are sure to find some new friends! Not only does band help you in other academic subjects, music is something you will use no matter where you go in life! Furthermore, band helps teach discipline and teamwork.

Theatre Arts

Theatre arts is not only acting; it is so much more. In this class you learn to break out of your shell and become more comfortable performing in front of your peers. Yet again, you will find many new people in this class. It is a fairly low-stress course, but if you work hard, then you could be cast for a part in the UIL one act play in eighth grade. Although some people think acting is superficial, you actually learn to empathize and see things from other's point of view.