2T Times

What's Happening in Room 211?

Upcoming Events and Deadlines

*There is currently a new hats and mittens drive sponsored by student council. Students can bring in new children's hats and mittens.*

Monday 1/19: No School MLK Day

Tuesday 1/20: Dine Out for Tatem

Thursday 1/22: Word Study Test and Menu Due

Thursday 1/29: Techzel Order Due

Friday 1/30: Scholastic Order Due: Class Code: NLD79

EBoard New and Improved for 2015

I recently updated and rearranged my eboard. I showed students today and they were really excited. On the eboard I listed apps and websites we are using in Math and Reading. There is also links for the new word study apps we have been practicing in the classroom that are now a choice for the weekly spelling menu. Please visit by clicking here. On nights when there is no Math or when homework takes less time please have your children go on a site and check it out. Click here to check it out!

Classroom Happenings

Reader's Workshop

In Reader's Workshop we sorted facts and opinions right before break. This past lesson focused on drawing conclusions. We studied photos and made observations, conclusions, and predictions. We read texts in the Click Clack Moo series and used clues in the pictures and in the words to draw conclusions about characters and events happening in the book. This week we are practicing story elements. We are also learning how readers ask questions before, during, and after their reading. They use these questions to focus their reading and often can answer the questions as they read on. When reading with your child you can ask them what is happening in the story. You can also check in to see if they have any questions or want to know more about what is happening in the text.


We are beginning to wrap up Unit 4. In this unit we practiced answering word problems and counting money. We also spent a lot of time making ball park estimates and adding two digit numbers. We began adding two digit numbers using the partial sums method. On Tuesday we began to practice the traditional carry the one method. Students are welcome to use whatever method works best for them. We will begin Unit 5 next week where we will practice geometry.

Writer's Workshop

We continue to practice our lab reports and writing to inform. Students recently built a catapult and measured which went further on carpet, a ping pong ball or a cotton ball. Currently we are learning how to wrap up our report with a conclusion. In the conclusion we are studying our results to see if our hypothesis was correct. We are also posing new questions we might have if given the opportunity to create a new experiment.


In Science we have transitioned from creating balance on a beam or mobiles that balance to using an equal arm balance to weigh objects and place them in serial order.