Confessions of a Trilpe Short Betty

Haley Moore


Confessions of a Triple Short Betty is about a girl named Gena. And Gena has a friend named Amber. And Amber like this one boy name love. Then John what a hero. Amber really want to have john to be her boyfriend


  • Gena (Amber friend)
  • Betty
  • Amber(Gena Friend)
  • John(Amber is in love with him)
  • Ben(Gena couison)
  • Julia(Gena and Amber friend)

Character Analysis

Amber she is really nice. She caring about her friend and her family. She also is like this boy name john. John and Amber where talking one night.


That the book should have more drama.

Important event (briefly summarize)

That been couldn't possible know fir john his paper
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I would recommendation this book to high schools students because it is kind of a love story .