Bauer's Blast

Ridge Wood Elementary School - September 4, 2017

Welcome Back!

It was great seeing so many families at Open House last week! We are ready for an amazing 2017-18 school year!

Remember, Tuesday, September 5th is the first day of school. It is a FULL DAY - 8:41am - 3:45pm.

At arrival on the first day, we ask that everyone gather out front by grade level. Your student's teacher will be there holding up their sign. A map was included in your welcome back packet. Staff will be available to assist students, they will be in their 'Team Ridge Wood' navy blue shirts.

Looking forward to a great year!

Heather Bauer, Principal

Upcoming Events

  • Heritage Festival Parade - Friday, September 15th
  • Welcome Back PTA Meeting - Tuesday, September 19th @ 9:15
  • Picture Day - Thursday, September 21st
  • Dad's Club Annual Golf Outing - Saturday, September 30th

Arrival/Dismissal Procedures


Thank you ahead of time to all of our families that are willing to follow our ARRIVAL/DISMISSAL procedures! These procedures are meant to keep our students’ and our families safe. By following these guidelines, we will continue to create a Win-Win situation in our parking lot. Thanks in advance for sharing these expectations with all family members that may participate in the arrival/dismissal routine.

  • BUSERS: If your child rides the bus, they won’t be marked tardy if the bus arrives late!

  • WALKERS: If your child arrives after 8:46am, they are tardy, and MUST have a parent escort them into the main office to be signed in for the day.

  1. Please remember to use the crosswalks when coming to school.

  2. Entry is through the front doors. Students walking from Northville Ridge may enter through the front ECC doors along with our Kindergarten students.

  3. Dismissal will have all walkers exiting through the ECC front entry doors.

  • PARENT TRANSPORTATION: If your child arrives after 8:46am, they are tardy, and MUST have a parent escort them into the main office to be signed in for the day.

  1. Cars are expected to ‘STOP’ when staff members are assisting pedestrians, at both the entrance of the parking lot & the crosswalk by the flagpole. (They have the STOP signs.)

  2. The ‘Curb Lane’ is for dropping off only.

  3. Drivers should refrain from using cell phones while driving in the parking lot.

  4. Students in grade 1-5 will enter through the front main entry doors and our kindergarten students will enter through the ECC doors at arrival; dismissal will have the students exiting through the ECC front doors.


This lane extends from Six Mile Road past the Early Childhood Center sign. The Drop-off/Pick-up section will be marked with orange cones. This lane is to be used for dropping off and picking up students only. Keep “curb lane” safe & efficiently moving for everyone by following these simple expectations:

Curbside drop-off operates from 8:30 AM - 8:46 AM (second bell/tardy bell). Pick-up begins at the end of the school day.

  2. The first car must pull forward to the end of the curb lane before stopping. Cars behind should follow. As traffic clears in front of you continue to move forward. During “drop off/pick up” cars should move forward every 15 seconds or less. Follow arrows to exit the parking lot.
  3. Students need to unload/load quickly WITHOUT the driver getting out of the car, and must be ready to do so when it is your car’s turn. The driver should be ready to move forward with the cars in front of you.
  4. Be sure to use the entire curb lane, do not stop by the flagpole when there is room to move forward. Using the entire curb lane allows more cars to access the parking lot.
  5. Students must exit/enter the car from curb side only.
  6. Handicap spaces are only for cars with proper license plate or tag.

***If you are interested in volunteering to be a part of our morning curb crew, please contact the school’s main office.

To begin with the end in mind, our goal is to keep our parking lot safe for all our students & families. Your assistance is needed to help us reach that goal. Thanks to all of our families in advance for synergizing!


Heather Bauer

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