Hall closing!!!

Friday and Saturday is Hall Closing!

Hall Closing will begin at 5:30pm on Friday 12/19. Please arrive on time and meet in the Curtis West Lounge. I will not be on campus on this date, so Morgan will review Hall closing protocol and she will be writing all incident reports to help speed up the closing process. She will provide more details on Friday evening. You will be served dinner on Friday (pizza).

Closing will begin again on Saturday 12/20 no later than 9:30am. You will not need to meet as a large group. Instead, meet with you closing team in the hall lobby assigned to you and begin closing on Saturday no later than 9:30am. I will be in the communities between 9am-9:30am helping to start the closing process.
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Closing Teams


Maria & Ollie-First and Second Floor
Amber & Allison-Third Floor
(Once done in Smith, head to Shorney to help on Saturday)

Curtis West:
Conrad & Eric-first & second floor
Frances & Asesha third & fourth floor
(Once done with Curtis West head to Apartments on Saturday; Cari will assign you to an apartment team)

Curtis East:
Anna & Jennifer: Basement and First Floor
Angela & Drew: Second and Third Floor
(Once done with Curtis East head to the Apartments on Saturday; Cari will assign you to an apartment team)

Maria M. & Macey: Basement
Abbi & Honore: First Floor
Raghav & Wendell: Second Floor
Andrew G. & Andrew S.: Third Floor
Ted & Ashley: Fourth Floor