Jayme Clarke

My Life

The Story of my Life

I was born and breed in Geraldton where I lived for 20 years. I attened Nagle Catholic College and Graduate in 2007, at Nagle I was Sports Captain at the interschool carnival, at which Nagle won for the first time in 18 years. I was then accepted into Curtin University to study a bachelor of Science and majored in Coastal Zone Management, I deffered the course however for two years and got a job as a receptionist at the marketing company Market Creations.
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After Geraldton

after I had completed 2 years int he work force I moved to perth to begin my studies. i completed 2.5 years of the Science degree but then felt a change in my chosen occupation. I then transferred to Notre Dame Fremantle and have started a degree of Education - Secondary. I hope that by the end of this degree I will be a confident and capable teacher. I believe that using my prior knowledge from my science degree I will be able to be a great teacher.