Learning Activity

James Braden Weaver, Alex Sovchen, Tara Poston

Exit ticket activity

For our simple activity, we will do a "ticket to leave" excercize that will generate answers from each student in the classroom. This activity can work for any grade level, but the questions may be adjusted for each grade in order to maximize the effect of the activity. We feel asking questions at the end of class has a lot of benefits for both the students and the teachers. For teachers, student responses provides feedback so that the teacher knows if they need to change something in their curriculum or keep it the same. Not only that, but these specific questions allow students to re-think everything they learned in class and enables them to better understand the material for that day. Constant repetition of the material is very beneficial to the students. In this exercise, we will ask a series of four questions that the students will respond in five minutes at the end of class. Students will answer these questions on a notecard and turn it in to the teacher. Below are the questions that will be asked for the activity.


1. Other than the information presented in class, name something else that you are wondering about this topic that was not covered.

2. What about the lecture did you find particularly interesting? Why?

3. Is there anything from the lesson that surprised you in any way?

4. Did the teacher do a good job at explaining the material and was he or she organized while presenting the lesson?