Lysander's Playlist

By: Matthew Koenigshofer

Endless Love - Diana Ross & Lionel Richie

Endless Love By Diana Ross and Lionel Richie

Endless love is obviously about love which represents Hermia and Lysander loving each other even against her father's wishes.
Magic Rude - Lyrics

Rude By: Magic!

In this song a guy is rejected by the father of a girl which is exactly what happens to Lysander.
Maroon 5-One More Night (Lyrics) official

One More Night By Maroon 5

This is a song about a guy deciding to leave his love exactly like Lysander deciding to leave Hermia of course he left for another love.
Calvin Harris feat. John Newman-Blame |Lyrics [HD] with Download Link

Blame By Calvin Harris

Lysander left Hermia and she blamed him but it was not his fault.
Ed Sheeran - Don't [Official]

Don't By Ed Sheeran

This song is about a guy who is cheated on by his girlfriend but it's also about his love being manipulated which is what happens to Lysander.
Nick Jonas - "Jealous" (Lyrics)

Jealous By Nick Jonas

This song fits a little because Lysander was jealous that Helena liked Demetrius better but he wasn't already dating her.
David Guetta ft Sia - Titanium (lyrics)

Titanium By David Guetta

This song is about war and fighting and Lysander wanted to fight Demetrius for Helena's love of course this is more modern.
Dazed and Confused - Led Zeppelin (with lyrics)

Dazed And Confused By Led Zeppelin

Lysander was dazed and confused after the juice was put on his eyes to turn him back to normal making him love Hermia again.
John Legend - Stay With You

Stay With You By John Legend

In the end Lysander finally marries Hermia and vows to stay with her.
Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)

Happy By Pharrell Williams

In the end Demetrius marries Helena and Lysander marries Hermia and they all end up happy.