People don't buy what you do they buy why you do it


These are some driving questions as we develop for InfuseLearning. These questions should point us back to the why for each feature, graphic, interaction, we plan for and create within Infuse. They should remind us how to make decisions, iterate, and even dream.

Does it support MTV?

Not the tv channel--the Making Thinking Visible framework- metacognition

Visible Thinking

Does it shift students to the center of the learning conversation?

Student centered--not just in the buzzword way in the really student centered way

Does it empower students to become responsible for their own learning.

Teacher facilitator- guide/side

Actionable metrics- visual snapshot-where students are

Encouraging, empowering

Does it empower teachers to create differentiated learning opportunities?

Universal Design for Learning

Subtle movement towards change we want to see- impactful

Does it fill a gap or support access to users who would have previously had access or the ability to interact in the same way?

  • Language acquisition
  • Language differences
  • Learning exceptionalities
  • Learning styles
  • Multiple Intelligences

Impact on those with exceptionalities- need for tools to help meet their needs

Accessible, flexible, supportive, asynchronous

Do work that matters.

Does it help users assess what they actually want to see in their students?

test prep vs. life prep/culture

balance stakeholder needs with end user (order of focus)

1. student

2. teacher

3. administrator

Do what is best for kiddos--give teachers tool to make a difference for them.

Does it support an intuitive UX/UI allowing product to naturally unfold in the classroom?

Does it integrate with existing/future products used by users?

Clean, simple, intuitive, minimalist, playful, creative, open-ended

Does it support connectedness?

Collaboration between:

Users (T/T)

Users (S/S)

Users (T/S)

Users (S/T)

collaborative, connected, move all forward, not carrying burden alone, life long learner model, connection--growth

Does it provide clear value to users?

Diff between free & paid clear

Does it push against the edge of possibility?


Input strength

Tech power