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TL Newsletter #1

What is in here?

  • WOW - Words of Wisdom from Jon (there will definitely be words, wisdom is questionable)
  • 2016 Ambition
  • Resources
  • The Power of Vulnerability

WOW - Words of Wisdom

Are you ready to team lead?!

The answer to the question in the title is mostly like 100% no. No matter your previous experience or how you have prepared you are not ready for what is going to happen next. Sorry.

The good news is that nobody expects you to be. Not being ready is the best thing to ever happen to you. I thought going into my LCP term that I was prepared for this. After two years as a VP and three years in AIESEC, I was sure that there was nothing I wouldn't be ready for. A month and a half in I am proud to say I was extremely wrong. That is the beauty of this experience, everyday I get a new challenge or learn something new about myself or the people around me. The opportunity to lead a team is something that I appreciate so much and wouldn't trade for any other opportunity right now.

In your roles you are even luckier. Everything you do next you can try for the first time and see what happens. You have me and the EB here for you to help you achieve your own dreams and get to you where you want to be next. You are in the perfect role to continue your leadership development. Being OCP of Skyline (the closest thing I had ever been to TL before VP) was one of the most powerful leadership experiences I had in AIESEC. I truly do believe that a TL role in our LC can be the most developing experience we have to offer, if you make it that. I can't make this the best experience you have had so far. You have to do it yourself. You have to make time for that to happen and put all of yourself into the role. If you do I promise you won't regret it.

Are you ready to take the leap?

WNC Output

If you want to catch up on what went down at WNC!

2016 Ambition

In 2016 we want to become AIESEC for New York City. This means becoming an AIESEC that works to create a better community for our city and the world. This will be a transformative process, but as an EB we identified 3 key areas we need to achieve in to make this happen (see image below). Thoughts?
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Happy Fox Resources

Have any questions? Check out the AIESEC US education hub ;)

The Power of Vulnerability

This TED talk, goes into why to be vulnerable in your everyday life and as a leader! Something to think about with the team experiences you are going to be creating for people :)
The Power of Vulnerability | Brene Brown | TED Talks
Team Standards Tracker

This tracker lets you see how you're implementing the team standards in your teams! Make sure you keep it updated

One final note. I want to make the TLs part of the leadership team of the LC and am serious about it. Y'all are invited to EBMs (they are on Sundays, this weekend its after induction). Give me your inputs and insights throughout the semester. And even have 1 on 1s with me. Y'all are more than just the extension of the EB, but are extremely important to making this 2016 awesome.

Love ya,