Voting Promo

3 qualifications to vote in MN

You must be 18 or older to vote.

You must be a state resident.

Must be a U.S citizen.

Day national elections are held

Election day is Tuesday, November 8.

What a precinct is

A precinct is a space enclosed by the walls or other boundaries of a particular place or building, or by an arbitrary and imaginary line drawn around it.

How to find your polling place.

You find your polling place by knowing your zip code and the country you live in.

How to register in advance.

Pre Register on online or by mail.

How to register on election day.

Bring ID with current name and address to place where you will vote.

What an absentee ballot is, when it is used, when it needs to be submitted.

You can vote 46 days before an election. In person or by mail. 46 days before election day.

3 reasons why people are denied the right to vote in MN

Not a US citizen

In prison for a crime.

Under the age of 18.

3 reasons why people don't vote.

They don't care.

They are sick or ill.

They don't think there vote matters.