Lyndon B. Johnson

How Lyndon B. Johnson contributed to Texas

A summary of Lyndon B. Johnson's life

Lyndon B. Johnson was born on August 27,1908 he was Vice President in 1960 and was then the 36th president of the USA in 1963 after John F. Kennedy's assassination . He created what he called the "Great Society" he also started the Civil Rights and many other things. To bad he resigned from office in after his first term in 1969 to live at his ranch.He then died on 1973.

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FIVE FACTS ABOUT Lyndon B. Johnson

1.Two KEY people that helped Lyndon B. do what he did was John F. Kennedy and President Roesevelt.

2.Johnson was born in Stonewall,Texas.

3.Johnson was a Senate,Texas Adminastrater,and a Vetran from the Navy.

4.He graduaded from Southwest Texas State Teachers College.

5.He had a record breaking amount of votes to be President nearly 16 million votes!

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How Johnson affected Texas

1.Johnson affected Texas by enforcing the Civil rights.

2.Johnson also affected Texas by created what he called the Great Society.

Why I chose this person because...

1.I chose this person because he was with Kennedy and he was a good person and amazing President.

2.Johnson also helped not just Texas but the whole U.S.A.