Daniella Muñoz & Madison Frost 3rd Period

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Count Dracula

In the novel, Dracula is the main villain. He is a vampire and hundreds of years old. Because of this, he has various strengths and supernatural powers. For example, he has the ability to shape-shift into many different forms (not just a bat). He is also capable of hypnotizing people and controlling nocturnal animals. However, given that Dracula is a vampire, there are also many weaknesses that he possesses such as garlic, holy water, crosses, and of course sunlight. He is portrayed as a sexual predator in the story and leaves bite marks on the necks of his victims. His main motivation is his determination to move from Transylvania to London, so when he buys land in London, it ultimately ties him in with the rest of the characters in the novel.

-Madison Frost

Mina Murray

Mina Murray is Jonathan Harker’s Fiance. In this story, Mina portrays the example of a women in the Victorian Era. She symbolizes purity and innocence, even when she gets involved with Dracula. She sits back in England while Jonathan takes a journey to Transylvania. She feels helpless as she can’t help him when she finds out he’s “sick”. Though she does end up being becoming a heroine in the story as she is able to track down Dracula's whereabouts during the time the group is out hunting Dracula to kill him.

-Daniella Muñoz

St. George's Day

On St. George's Day, according to the book, all evil things in the world will have full sway once the clock strikes midnight. On May Fourth, Jonathan Harker was confronted by a lady who warned him of this and begged that he not go on with his journey. This day is now celebrated on April 23 by several countries such as Canada, England, Greece, and Romania, and is also celebrated in many Christian churches as well. There are pageants, feasts, and parades to commemorate the patron saint. In numerous countries this day is high on the priority list of things to honor. In fact, in Spain it is the second most important national feast and a tradition to give a rose and book to a loved one. In the 18th century St. George's day had begun to dwindle but recently it has become increasingly popular in many places all over the world.

-Madison Frost

The Three Seductive Women

In the Victorian Era, women are not independent like they are now. Back then, women were supposed to be modest and devoted to her husband. Men were allowed to have multiple affairs with women while for women, it would have been seen as embarrassing to be portrayed as promiscuous. There were consequences for women like this from their families and society. In this story, the three women who appear before Jonathan at Dracula's home, are the dream and nightmare of the Victorian Era. They were the exact opposite of they had to be, which was being voluptuous and sexually aggressive. For this reason, it posed a threat to the male-dominant era so it was agreed upon that the three seductive women had to be destroyed.

-Daniella Muñoz

Here is a little clip to Bram Stoker's Dracula film (1992)..

Bram Stoker's Dracula - Trailer - HQ - (1992)