Digital Citizenship

what happens on the web

Digital Footprints

A digital footprint is the data trail by interacting on digital devices like TV, phones, the web, and other digital connections. So what happens is that if you look up stuff the it will leave a Digital Footprint and can not be taken of the digital world.

Digital Dirt

Digital Dirt is all the bad stuff that is on the web or digital devices of you. the digital world save all of your stuff even saving all the stuff that's a big NO NO.

So if somebody puts crap on the web of you it saves it right away. The problem is that other people can see what you are like by this. So if you want to get hired they could say no because they could see stuff on the web about you that they don't like.

Digital Nation

If you want to learn more about digital nation here are some websites.

Cleaning up Digital Dirt