Baldwin Buzz

April 30, 2021

A Queen's visit to Baldwin

On Wednesday, April 28, Baldwin Elementary had a very special visit from local royalty - a Queen Bee! She came to rest on the picnic pavilion at our school. The Queen was escorted by members of the colony from a nearby hive. From our classroom windows, the students and staff were able to watch our local beekeeper friends, Mr. George Coates and Ms. Christina Eaton Brooks, safely remove the bees from our playground. The beekeepers captured the queen, placed her in a new apiary, and invited the bees to move into their new home. They gave the bees time to get settled and came back late in the night to quietly move the hive to a new location.

We recognize the importance of the bee population to our ecosystem and food production. It was a great day of learning for all!

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Pictures from The Royal Visit!

Manassas Bee Festival June 26, 2021

Don't miss the Manassas Bee Festival at Liberia House. The Baldwin bees will be moving to the grounds of this historic site!
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