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Twinkies Darwin Yum Yum

If you are in the Northern Territory of Australia and you are looking for one of the worlds most popular snacks then we have you covered. Twinkies are cream filled cakes that people literally kill for.

Darwin Supermarket

They have even made movies where the sole purpose of the heroes survival is to find a Twinkies to eat , just one Twinkie. So if this is you, and you are desperate for a quick Twinkies treat then Winnellie supermarket has you covered in Darwin.

10000 KM For Your Twinkies Darwin Delivery

Yes that right twinkie lovers these re the real think they have traveled thousands of kilometers to arrive on our shelf ready to eat. You can get yourself a lovely little snack for just $2.00 or if you prefer a box of 10 for $15.

Now for those of you that want to know what you get in your twinkies Darwin order here’s a complete listing of ingredients grab a chair.

Ingredients: Enriched bleached wheat flour (flour , reduced iron0 , B vitamins, (niacin, thiamine mono nitrate (b1), riboflavin (b2) folic acid, water , sugar,corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, hydrometed vegetable oil, cotton seed oil , whole egg, soy bean , whey, salt , sorbic acid , glycerine plus much, much, more.

Darwin Supermarket

Nutritional Facts (2 Twinkies):

Total fat 9g

Saturated fat 4.5g

Trans fat 0g

Cholesterol 35mg

Sodium 360mg

Total carbs 46g

Sugar 33g

Protein: 2g

While these little beauties are light fluffy and tasty you need to get in fast after all these buggers have to travel thousand of km just to get here so imagine how hard it is to restock these dietary wonders. So if you want to try a Twinkies Darwin they you need to get down to Winnellie supermarket while stocks last if you want a carton sent to you simply contact us.

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