Ancient Greece

By: Anacia & Lulu

What are the names of godesses from Ancient Greece?

Aphrodite - Goddess of love, romance, and beauty. Her son was Eros, god of Love though he is not an Olympian.Apollo - Beautiful god of the sun, light, medicine, and music.Ares - Dark god of war.Artemis - Independent goddess of the hunt, the forest, wildlife, and the moon. Sister to Apollo. Athena - Daughter of Zeus and goddess of wisdom, war, and crafts.Demeter - Goddess of agriculture and mother of Persephone not considered to be an Olympian.Hephaestus - Lame god of fire and the forge.

Hera - Wife of Zeus, protector of marriage, familiar with magic.Hermes - The speedy messenger of the gods.Hestia - Calm goddess of home and symbolized by the hearth which holds the continually-burning flame.Poseidon - God of the sea, horses, and of earthquakes Zeus - Supreme lord of gods, god of the sky, symbolized by the thunderbolt.

Olympian Gods (Male) of Ancient Greek Mythology