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September 2013

Reading is important!

NZCER findings show that students who enjoy reading are more likely to succeed in school. Reading helps students to develop their vocabulary, deal with the increasing demands of school work and gain confidence when speaking.

I think you are all doing a wonderful job promoting reading. Keep visiting the Library! I am happy to do a brief motivational book talk, just ask!

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Holiday Reading

Bring your class to the Library to get books for them to read in the holidays or send them in groups. Get students to discuss books that they have enjoyed- it gives other students ideas about books to read. I have updated the KVC Intranet Library page with new books in the Library. On this page there is also a list of the most popular books at KVC during 2013 based on our issues statistics. It would be great if students could have time on the computers during a Library visit to view the Library page.

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SLANZA Reading Website

Remember SLANZA have compiled reading lists that are very useful for Teachers and students- there are plenty of theme suggestions with books attached. We have many of the recommended books in the Library.

The website can be found here.

The images below are book covers of some new books. "Dear Vincent" is an amazing senior read.

Writers in Schools

NZ Book Council charge schools $82 per year to be part of their Writers in School Programme. There are many benefits including a free author half day visit to KVC- Tokomariro High had David Hill this year! This will really help motivate students to read and write. Other local schools are using this resource. Let me know if you want me to arrange this for 2014

Fantastic Site for Research, Speeches, Debates

EPIC database Opposing Viewpoints in Context is a great resource for able secondary students, especially seniors to use. Check it out and see if you agree. You will need to log into EPIC using the KVC username- kaikor1 and password- cyuv9xw6.

Then go to Opposing Viewpoints. EPIC is linked on the Intranet page. I can help you find it if you have trouble. There are lists of interesting topics with resources attached.

Thank you!

Thanks for taking the time to read this newsletter and check out some of the websites. It is part of an assessment for a library qualification I am working on.

Jayne Downes