FPS Virtual Film Festival

Gr6-8 Celebrate STEAM Week 2020!

Lights, Camera, Action!

We are so proud to present the first ever FPS Virtual Film Festival!

Every middle school student in Framingham will be learning to make videos in their Tech Ed classes this year. This innovative program was envisioned as a way for all students to lift their voices, share who they are, what they think, and influence their community. In the remote learning environment, it is an important way for us to build relationships, and understand how best to learn together.

Please enjoy this virtual film festival which showcases the two types of films students have made so far. Thanks to our generous students and families who made sharing these videos possible!

The FPS Middle School Tech Ed Team,

Get to know me!

In these videos, students share who they are, things that are important to them, and what they hope for. We can't wait to meet them in person!

Click on the photos to watch the videos.

How to Videos

In these videos, students teach us important skills. Hungry? Make a cup of cake! Soccer fan? Learn the Maradonna! Need a smile? Try a blooper reel! Click on the photos to watch the videos!

Our Middle School Tech Ed Team