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Together is Better 12.15.17

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As I reflect on this past year and all that we have accomplished, I am grateful for each and every one of you as we work collectively to make Plumas a place where learning thrives. Thank you for the countless hours you dedicate to students! May you enjoy this holiday season!

And now for a little fun from your C & I support team:


Partnership with local chef Sean Conry

Sean Conry, a local food advocate, chef, and culinary teacher at FRC, has been working with our food services department to create new recipes for the school cafeterias using local ingredients and seasonal availability. To get the students exposed and interested in different types of foods, Sean did tastes tests at both QHS and PHS. He has also had one training session with all the PUSD cooks. Sean shared, "My goal for the program is to showcase the local foods grown in the region, get students to try new foods, and help foster a good local food community."

State Award for Rob Wade

Our own Mr. Rob Wade​ was featured on California's Science Teachers Association blog, for receiving the Excellence in Environmental Education Award from the California Environmental Education Foundation earlier this year!

21st Century classroom furniture pilot- thank you Measure B!

The 21st Century Classroom Pilot Is Now In Action! With Measure B Funds PUSD is upgrading all classrooms with 21st Century furniture. This year a pilot classroom at each school is testing out the new furniture and design options. Each pilot teacher selected their own classroom design and furniture based on their needs and vision. Over the next few months, each will evaluate the success of their set up. Once final decisions are made new furniture for all students will be ordered and installed this summer. A 21st Century Classroom design is all about supporting effective education methods that encourage student directed learning, and foster 21st century skills, such as communication, collaboration, problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and leadership.

4th grade- The Year of the Fish

District-wide, the Outdoor Core focus for fourth grade is the “Year of the Fish”. In early October, each 4th-grade class took a separate trip to the Oroville Fish Hatchery. Some of the schools got to kayak near the Hatchery before touring the facility.

After Kayaking the students were able to watch the fish swim up the fish ladder through a viewing window at the hatchery. After witnessing the salmon swim up the ladder, the students watched the milting or fertilizing process. They ended the day by feeding the fish in the outside water channels at the hatchery.

New Media Specialist- Justina Anderson

Welcome Justina Anderson to PCOE and PUSD! Justina joins our team as our Media Specialist. She is here for all of your curriculum material needs. Please continue to use the Textbook Request Form. She can also be reached via email jdanderson@pcoe.k12.ca.us.

Welcome Justina!

Instructional Coaches

From Yvonne:

If your students are using Google Docs, there is a new Chrome extension for teachers called CheckMark. CheckMark provides a quick process (pre-set comments) for you to give students feedback on Google Doc assignments. According to the reviews, presently there is not a way to customize the comments, but an alternative would be to use the comment feature in Docs.

Here's a YouTube video on how to use CheckMark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4ddR2x3aXo

Here is the CheckMark website: http://www.checkmarkclass.com/

Yvonne: ycasalnuovo@pcoe.k12.ca.us

Susan: sfrediani@pcoe.k12.ca.us

Next Generation Science Standards

PUSD continues to make progress with implementation of NGSS. In addition to the K-6 modules developed by CES teachers being implemented across the district, our high school teachers are making progress on revising the 7th-grade curriculum and developing the new 9th-grade course, The Living Earth, which will take an integrated approach to high school science. PUSD sent a team of 8 to the NGSS rollout in Chico this week where participants attended breakout sessions in their content area focusing on lesson design around phenomenon, inquiry, and assessment. Thank you to Ron Logan and Wendy Jackson for your leadership as Science Vertical team co-leads, and to Rob Wade for your expertise in NGSS.

Career and Technical Education

CTE teachers have been busy finalizing their site plans for CTEIG funds. These Career and Technical Education Incentive Grant funds are upgrading and modernizing our CTE programs. Thank you to our CTE Vertical Team lead Gina Pixler and our CTE teachers who are assisted by consultant Laurie Wann, in finalizing site plans.

Adult Education

We are making progress with establishing and implementing Adult Education. Through a grant from our Adult Education consortium, PUSD has hired Wendy Jackson, Brad Miller and Karen Miller to offer night classes in Portola and Quincy this year and looking to add Greenville and Chester next year. These courses can be Basic Skills in Math and English, GED test prep, ESL, and for credit courses leading to a high school diploma. Classes in Quincy and Portola will begin in January- look for more information coming out on these offerings in December.

Kick off events!

  1. Portola- Tue/Wed 3:30-6:30, Resource Center

    1. Kick off- Wednesday, January 3rd 4:00-7:00?

  2. Quincy- Tue FRC LRC 105, Thur Pioneer Rm. 8, 4:30-7:00

    1. Kick off- Tuesday, January 9th 4:30-7:00


Our PUSD/PCOE testing window for CAASPP is April 9, 2018 - June 8, 2018. Each site will develop their site-specific testing window.

Designated supports- Now is the time for teachers to be considering the designated supports in the CAASPP assessment system. Principals will be working with their teachers to identify which students would benefit from which supports.

English Learners

Our English Learners will participate in a new assessment this spring, the ELPAC, which replaces CELDT. Thanks to Nance Reed, Berenice Coronado, Joe Moctezuma and Donna Waller for helping with the transition to this new assessment.

State Accountability

The new state accountability system, known as the California School Dashboard, will be coming out in December with new data for each school including Chronic Absenteeism, and College and Career Readiness. The Dashboard can be found at: https://www.caschooldashboard.org/#/Home

1:1 Computing

Our 1:1 teachers met this last week for day three of four of in-person professional learning. These year 2 cohort teachers are doing a great job on implementing 1:1 computing. We are focusing on our two goals of student engagement and personalized learning. During our professional learning day, we focused on using Google Slides to increase engagement and collaboration, monitored our progress with the SAMR model, remixed a Madeline Hunter lesson plan, learned about and made a Screencastify and had choice learning time through Kyte learning.

We are moving forward with our next steps and working with our amazing tech team to be prepared to implement 1:1 computing for all students in the 18-19 school year!

Would you like to see what we're up to in our professional learning, join our Google Classroom: class code nfdax8

School Plans

Principals and Site Councils have been working hard on their Single Plan for Student Achievement and moving on to their School Accountability Report Cards. These plans are essential in aligning goals, actions, and services with site budgets, as well as reporting out on progress. Thank you to our committed Site Council members who are essential to this process.

Vertical and Grade level teams

Thank you to our Vertical and Grade level team leads.

Dates for 17-18

Links to minutes:

TK/K 11.3.17

1st/2nd grade . 10.25.17, 11.3.17

3rd.4th 10.26 3rd grade 10.26 4th grade

5th/6th 11.3.17

CTE 11.3.17 CTE Collaborative Website

Electives 11.3.17

English 11.3.17

Math 11.3.17

Science 11.3.17

Social Studies 11.3.17


Nearly every high school in our district is involved with WASC this year.

QHS is working on their self-study. PHS and CHS are preparing for a mid-cycle visit and Daryl Hutchins is beginning the process of obtaining accreditation for Jim Beckwourth High School. Thank you to everyone for the valuable work that is done through the WASC process.

Upcoming Dates

12/18/17-1/1/18 Winter Break

1/4/18 Counselor Meeting

1/8/18 Science VT Meeting

1/9/18 Math VT Meeting, 5th-8th grade math teachers

1/10/18 Board Meeting

1/11/18 3:10 Elementary Grade level Google Hangout

1/15/18 No School- MLK Jr. Day

1/18/18 ILT

1/29/18 De-escalation Training for all front office staff

1/20 ITL Workshop

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