Sugaring Up Your Day

By: Matthew Haschalk

Hey, turn off the tv. Next clear a space for exercising or go out and shoot some hoops with your friends. Some kids and adults disagree. I now know that sugary drinks are link to most health problems(lloyd, 2016). So don't make the government have to care of your health!
People should take notice because to much sugar could lead to health problems like: heart attacks, diabetes, strokes, and more.(Sirs Discoerer 26. Jan, 2016). You would like going to see doctors to nice a month because you have decaying teeth, or diabetes. Also if you had to see doctors your parents would have to pay for some big medical bill. If you didn't have sugary drinks a lot your parents could buy you other things. Once you start drinking a lot of sugary drinks it will start to become addictive(Zissou, 2016).
A majority of adults and kids with obesity is more likely to be linked to them not watching their own sugar intake(Lloyd, 2016). The sugar also can start effecting your life. I strongly believe that the government should not have to restrict sugar intake, because of a few hand full of people that are not responsible to watch their sugar intake. Also sugar makes you falsely hungry, there for you want to eat and sanck all day.
If you consider yourself and your sugar intake you will increase. You probably are asking yourself what will I increase, you will increase your life expectancy. So maybe you would give drinking a sugary drink a second thought. I know you all want to live as long as possible, so work out or do something to increase your life expectancy.
Have you gave it any thought to thinking before you drink a sugary drink. You and I both know that the government could not take care of the the country and sugar intake. You keep drinking a lot of sugary drinks, and your life expectancy will just keep decreasing. Don't you want to live very long. Don't you want to be healthy, and be able to run, and do other activities. You probably say I can do activities, but how long can you do them without getting tried quick. Also too much could cause you to eat, and eat witch is not good for your health. Lastly can you recall that sugary drinks could make you have heart attacks, strokes, and more(Sirs Discoverer 26. Jan, 2016). So don't be that guy staying home and drinking sugary drinks when all your friends are outside playing football, or basketball. The government should not need to take care of your sugar intake.
Now have you gave it any thought to clear a space for exercising, or shooting some hoops instead of eat, or drinking sugary drinks. You want a long life expectancy right. You don't want to be falsely hungry right. Now get outside and get a lot of fresh air.


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