By: Thomas Han

Election of Nixon


Republican: Richard Nixon

Democratic: Hubert Humphrey

American Independent: George Wallace

Richard Nixon won the electoral vote. He had 301 votes and Humphrey had 191 votes and Wallace had 46 votes.

The percentage was Nixon: 43.4%, Humphrey: 42.7%, and Wallace: 13.5%


Republican: Richard Nixon

Democratic: George McGovern

Nixon and McGovern had a huge difference of electoral vote. Nixon easily won the electoral vote by 520 while McGovern had 17. The percentage was a huge difference too. Nixon had almost twice as McGovern had which was 60.7% to 37.5%

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Vietnam War

Vietnamization: Fighting would be turned over to the South Vietnamese army, and to start bringing home American troops.

Cambodia: Nixon ordered US troops into Cambodia and ordered more bombings when US crossed the border on 1970, and the result was a tremendous uproar at home with more marches and demonstrations. Nixon ordered bombing in Cambodia because he didn't wanted to cause more wide-spread riots such as Cambodian Territory.

War Powers Act: An act of congress passed after the Vietnam War, over Nixon's veto. The act limited the power of the President of the US to wage war without the approval of Congress. In other way, it allowed the President to assume more power in building a military fleet to send overseas.

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Policy of "Détente”

  • The Policy of Détente is also known as the Nixon Doctrine which was created to relax tensions between the 2 superpowers, which are the Soviet Union and the US.
  • The Policy of Détente led to a reduction in tension between those two powers
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Watergate, Nixon's Impeachment, Nixon's Ultimate Resignation

  • Watergate: The Watergate Scandal was an American political scandal and constitutional crisis that led to the resignation of Nixon. Watergate was a hotel that located in Washington D.C. A security guard caught a handful of burglars breaking into the Democratic Party Headquarters. Some of the burglars had ties to people in the Nixon's administration and Nixon tried to minimize the damage to his administration. The scandal came in the political context of the ongoing Vietnam War.
  • Nixon's Impeachment/Resignation: Nixon was never impeached. He resigned during his second term and before the House had an opportunity to file articles of impeachment against him, to avoid the inevitable. It started during his reelection campaign, when five burglars were arrested in the Watergate Hotel.
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