Gadgets of WWI

By: Ethan Tanner

Mustard Gas

Mixing ammonia and other chemicals, mustard gas is created. It is a colorless gas that is very lethal

Springfield Rifle

This was the main weapon used by British soldiers. It is a bolt action rifle and a person from a thousand meters away could be killed by the rifle


Large caliber bullets that were fired by tanks and were fired by large field guns witch took 12 men to operate

The Machine gun

This gun needed 4-6 men to operate it and had the fire power of 100 rifles.

The Zeppelin(Blimp)

These blimps were used by Germans and they carried bombs and machine guns. Blimps were abandoned during the war because they were easily shot down

The Tank

Could hold 3 people, go 3 mph and couldn't cross trenches


They delivered bombs and had mounted machine guns. They were also used for spying


used to clear out enemy forces from trenches


Made a heat rail so you could see were your bullets were heading


used by German submarines trying to take out boats and cargo