Waggoner Road Junior High Legends

November Edition 2

Message From Dr. Black

We have solidified WRJH's largest fundraiser yet created to support students going to DC, but we need your help. We are looking for local groups or area clubs to perform during the Holiday Craft Fair. If you know a dance team or a band that would like to perform, please let us know so that we can add them to the show itinerary. We are working hard to lower the cost for all. Please send information or questions to the email in the flyer below.


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The WRJH yearbook is on sale until March 2020! The price is a flat rate of $25. For this price you receive a hardback yearbook with 52 pages of bright colored photos from this school year. You may order online using the link below. If you have any questions please email Mrs. Asbrock at brittany.asbrock@reyn.org. The link to purchase on line: https://commpe.pictavo.com/PictavoSchool/FindSchool


Please talk to your students about respecting their teachers. We have noticed an increased amount of profanity and students who are feeling as though they can be openly non-compliant when requested to do things by the teachers. It takes all of us parents, teachers, and administrators to curve this behavior. Within the school we are working on modeling techniques/activities and as we already have in place, incentives for corrected behaviors. We are asking parents to support us in enforcing this expectation, else we will unfortunately have to send those who are repeatedly violating home on school removals for disrupting the school environment.

Cellphone/Earbud Policy

Reminder: Earbuds should not be seen on used in ANY common area.

Students cannot charge their phones in common areas. They are leaving them plugged in and walking away from them, causing liability issues for personal merchandise.


Orange Iguanas (Electives) News:

Individual newsletter: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AFa47nHUWL_oED8thWYPvkZbXfywBBBm79mdMPAaxLc/edit?usp=sharing

  • Choir- First Choir Concert is scheduled for December 11th at 7:30 in the WRJH Cafeteria.

From Mrs. Robinson, Middle School Band:

"Since the junior high bands combine with students from other buildings, it is necessary to have a few evening rehearsals before each concert. The band students will be having our next rehearsal Mondays 11/18. Seventh graders will rehearse from 6-6:50 PM, and eighth graders from 7-7:50 PM. The seventh grade band concert is Tues 11/19, and the 8th grade band concert is Thurs 11/21. We can't wait to show off what we have learned so far!"

Purple Parrot News:

In Mrs. Prohaska’s class students are finishing their Rube Goldberg projects, and starting to study for their formative assessment next week to finalize our physical science standards. Mrs. Cases class students will complete the novel, watch a the movie and then complete a compare and contrast essay. In Math students are working on slope and will work on an assessment. In Hardin’s class they are learning about the Boston Massacre and finishing their investigation.

Blue Barracudas News:

Math 7

Students in Mr. Dorsett’s Math Class are working very hard through learning all about Expressions and what they are made of, as well as how to solve them. We are wrapping up working with simple equations and will be transitioning to inequalities very soon, where much of the same strategies will be used, but the result will just look a little different. We will be continuing to implement real-life application problem/projects into everyday class to ensure that they are not just learning the simple information needed to solve something, but also that they can take that away and relate it to things they do in their everyday lives.

If you have any questions that your children cannot answer, please email me at joshua.dorsett@reyn.org


In Ms. Cumberlander’s class, students are reading their historical fiction novels with topics that they have chosen and just did their first Literature Circle with their group. Parents, please feel free to ask your children about their amazing work being done with these groups! Students are encouraged to be reading their books at home if they need more time than the class allows, as well as, if they do not have the book, they should all be available at the local library for them to rent!

The classes will begin self-paced grammar and root rotations as well with weekly assignments to complete on the individual level at which they are placed.

EVERY ELA STUDENT NEEDS A NOTEBOOK! This was on Ms. Cumberlander’s list of required materials at the beginning of the year and they are really needing to dive into these, but there are still some students that are left without one. If you have any questions that your children cannot answer, please email me at christina.cumberlander@reyn.org

Science 7

Students have just commenced their unit on the properties of matter. We will be exploring the parts of atoms and based on the arrangement of particles within the atoms decides which element it is. We will progress in understanding the patterns that exist within the period table. Please be sure to check the canvas calendar for our day to day plans, activities, and homework assignments. Please contact me at jeremy.paull@reyn.org if you have any questions or concerns.

Social Studies 7:

Students have just finished a project on creating their Dream Vacation. They have presented their projects in class, and we are moving forward with our unit on Ancient Rome. We will be spending the next few weeks looking at the laws, government, art, religion, and impact that Rome has had on other civilizations. The students should be coming to class everyday with the following items:




If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at melissa.speas@reyn.org.

Intervention Specialist

Ms. Matunas is hard at work making sure that the students in her classroom are plugged into all of their classes and getting the necessary assistance/aide to be doing the best that they can!

Any Questions? Email christina.matunas@reyn.org

Red Jaguars News:

**NOTE: Red Jaguars teachers will be informing students of their missing assignments and current grade standings next week, since we are approximately halfway through the grading period.**

Social Studies - Mr. Althoff’s classes are currently studying Rome’s transition from a Republic to an Empire. They’ll soon be starting a biographical project about Roman Emperors.

Math - Mrs. Maedeker’s classes are currently learning about expressions and equations, specifically how to write equivalent expressions. They’ll soon be moving on to learning to solve problems using equations.

Language Arts - Students in Mrs. Gardner’s classes had the opportunity to research a historical topic of interest, and choose a historical fiction novel to learn more about the topic. In class, we are reading our novels and collaborating with our peers in literature circles. Students have a specific job to perform each week, and they are meeting with their groups on Fridays to discuss their work.

Science - Students in Mr. Cole’s science classes are starting to learn about the basics of Chemistry, focusing on how to read the Periodic Table of Elements. This week students have been researching different “families” of elements and will present their findings to their peers next week. We’ll continue moving forward to learn how elements combine in compounds and mixtures and soon start to conduct some chemical experiments.


Yearbooks are still on sale on the school website for $25.

November 18th-22nd

2nd payment for DC trip Due

Saturday December 7th

Waggoner Road DC Craft Fair


We are still looking for vendors and music/dance groups that would be willing to perform - email dcfundraiser0@gmail.com to request more information

Wednesday December 11h

First Choir Concert

WRJH Cafeteria 7:30 PM



We appreciate your help in making our lot safe. Please be continue to line your cars IN A SINGLE-FILE LINE. Remember to keep cars running and move forward as you wait for your student. This AGAIN keeps us from putting our children in danger should they need to walk through the lot.

When it begins to snow we will continue to line up in a single file line next to the plowed snow, utilizing the same process.

Here is a link to the map which shows how we will line the busses up.




The PTO here at Waggoner RD has already been up to some great stuff.

In 2019 so far we have....

  • Hosted an awesome halloween dance for all 7th and 8th graders in the district

  • Helped with our quarterly incentive

  • Provided food for teachers during conference nights

  • Have had spirit days that include popcorn/snow cones and spirit wear

  • Helped stock our school store where students can spend their pendants

  • Hosted a movie night for students to have a fun way to build relationships outside of school

To help pay for this fun stuff we have also done a pepperoni roller fundraiser and it was such a hit we are trying to see about another one!

Keep an eye out for more fundraisers to help pay for incentives like students going to Urban Air

If you are able to help or have ideas, we would love to hear them.

Feel free to reach out to April Darling PTO president aprilSRPTO@yahoo.com or

Shannon Collins Health Teacher and PTO super supporter shannon.collins@reyn.org



Mrs. Jodie Robinson, Band Director

Mrs. Jodie Robinson, our band director, began her teaching career with the Reynoldsburg City Schools in 2001 after graduating with a Bachelor in Music Education from The Ohio State University. In 2005, she earned her masters degree, also from Ohio State. Ever since she was a middle school student, Mrs. Robinson has wanted to be a middle school band director. She loves working with kids at this age level and enjoys starting from scratch with beginning band students. In her free time, Mrs. Robinson enjoys watching hockey, sewing, and researching her family tree. She also is a "Search Angel" and has found 12 adoptees' parents for them, using genetic genealogy. Mrs. Robinson lives with her husband, Jason, her two sons, Joel and Jonas, their dog, Chip, and their rabbit, Whiskers.

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