February Newsletter

What's been going on this month?

I have some great news! I overcame my budget issue and booked tickets to India. It has been confirmed and my plan is to fly to Delhi in July, and go to Agra, Mathura, and Vrindavan and tour the sights over there. I am very excited but unfortunately the trip to all of these places is only a week long. I also sustained a knee injury just about a week into the month. I haven't been taking many pictures and posting them this month because my doctor has told me not to move it much unless absolutely necessary.

Some more info

I haven't been to India since August of 2014 and I have been missing it a lot. This might come to a surprise but here goes. I have never been to any of the places I'm going to go to in India ever before. I have been to Delhi once or twice but never actually got to explore it. My hometown in India is Kolkata which is my first stop in India. I will be staying there for a week, do the tour of Delhi, Agra, etc. and go back to Kolkata for another 3 weeks and return to the U.S. afterwards

I have experienced this myself. The internet coverage in India is very spotty and very slow. Please do not expect frequent uploads to my website.

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What to look forward to in March?

Spring Break starts in the middle of March and I am going to add extensions to my trip to India this year during that time. I will be headed to India in late June and will be back in the U.S. by late July. It's a 1 month trip in a tight schedule but it's worth it. Also, I will be posting some pictures that I took over winter break and the time between that.

Where do you think I should go this Spring?

Let me know by filling the form named "Where do I go this Spring?". It's located under this text. I will be accepting responses until March 10th because I need to make a decision before I make the trip and book tickets to the destination. The most popular destination will be chosen but all depends on my budget.


Arjun :)