George Reid

George reid info


Born: February 25th 1845

died: September 12th 1918

wife and children

wife: Flora Reid

children: Clive Reid,Thelma reid,Douglas Reid


Education: Scotch College Melbourne


Emplyment: Public Servant Barrister


Honours: Privy Counciller

extra info

Reid was the last leader of the Liberal tendency in New South Whales led by Charles Cowper and Henry Parkes and which Reid organised as the Free Trade and Liberal Association in 1889. He was more effective as Premier of New South Wales from 1894 to 1899 than he was as Prime Minister in 1904 and 1905.This partly reflected the disappearance of the rationale for the Free Trade Party with the imposition of tariffs by the federal government and the disappearance of the political centre ground with the rise of the Australian Labor Party. Although a supporter of Federation, he took an equivocal position on it during the campaign for the first referendum in June 1898, earning himself the nickname of "Yes-No Reid."

Definition of equivocal




  1. open to more than one interpretation; ambiguous.

    "the equivocal nature of her remarks"

    synonyms:ambiguous, indefinite, noncommittal, vague, imprecise, inexact,inexplicit, hazy; More

    • uncertain or questionable in nature.

      "the results of the investigation were equivocal"