The Classroom

What you SHOULD do

Entering: Organize/Prepare

Things not needed for class should be stowed under desk.
You should have a sharpened pencil.
You should have a book to read.
Read the back and front boards.
Label your notebook with Date/Objective


There is typically a short, warm-up activity to start class (DGP, Writing, Vocabulary). If there is no assignment, or if the teacher is not in the room, you should read until class begins. Work should begin as soon as the above steps are complete. The teacher will not TELL you to start- it is expected that you begin as soon as you get settled.


The most important things for today:


What should I do if there are things in my seat when I get to class? While we want to help others, it is not advisable to move things that you find. There is a shelf for lost/found books in the back of the room. If someone has left their notebook, place it carefully on the table in the back of the classroom/or leave it where it is.

ITEMS OF VALUE SHOULD ALWAYS BE TURNED IN TO A TEACHER/OFFICE (purse, money, phones, jewelry, electronics).