South Texas Ambrosia

The Endangered Native

South Texas Ambrosia Background Information

South Texas ambrosia is an erect, silvery to grayish-green, perennial, herbaceous plant, 4 to 12 inches in height. Male and female flowers are separate but occur on the same plant. Male flowers are in heads arranged along a terminal, elongated stem. Female flowers are in small clusters at the leaf bases below the male flowering stalks.

Reason why the South Texas Ambrosia is Endangered

The main reason of the species decline is the loss of habitat that is converted to agricultural fields and urban areas. Then there is the fact the introduced species like buffelgrass and King Ranch bluestem compete with the native wildlife. Also distrubacne associated with activities occuring along road right-of-ways where the species is also found may be detrimental.

How to Preserve The Species

People can help conservation efforts by learning to recognize this plant and managing sites to help maintain it. They carefully plan use of herbicide and mechanical brush management to avoid damaging the species.